East Cheyenne County Library District

Cheyenne Wells, Colorado

Fun Facts about ECCLD

  • ECCLD has a total of 18,097 items for checkout.
  • ECCLD currently has 518 member accounts and added 32 new accounts in 2019.
  • Our members saved a total of $61,207.83 in 2019 by using the Library as opposed to purchasing and renting items on their own!!

Favorites @ ECCLD

Are you curious what type of reading our staff is interested in?

Well...if you are, we are here to let you in on what appeals to them.

Vicki enjoys most genres but particularly thrillers. Her favorite author is Stephen King.

Carmen likes to read nonfiction and is our go to for movie recommendations.

Kayli loves historical fiction and fantasy novels, specially books with strong female heroines.